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After a few months of writing this personal blog I was lucky enough to be asked to write for an online magazine. Writing and working with and for other bloggers or magazines has helped me a lot to stay motivated- it gives me deadlines I need to meet and keeps me going even if I feel too lazy to write for my personal blog. I’d only ever write for websites that I think have a great concept and that I personally support.

Below you can find reposts of my articles, articles I’ve never published on my personal blog or just some short reviews- all the pages are worth being checked out!

C O L L A B O R A T I O N S is an open and innovative online travel magazine that publishes articles in English/ Dutch. Globonaut was my first I’ve been working with Globonaut since June 2015 and can proudly call myself part of their core crew!

exploration is an online platform for travel writers and journalists. Working with exploration and getting feedback from my editor has helped me a lot taking my writing to the next level and having the confidence to also deal with political/ social/ environmental issues!      Fear Is Not An Option    5 Tips For Cheap Traveling     Lifesaving: As Heroic as Sport Can be

#mentalmovement  is a young and dynamic initiative that is aimed at everyone dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression or anyone who needs a little heads-up every now and then. Traveling has shaped my personality a lot and helped me through hard times in many ways- I’d like to explore how traveling can benefit anyone experiencing personal problems, encourage more people to do so and brighten up their day when reading about different places. Intro       #Top5Places to explore as a first time traveller  Self Care Practices

The College Tourist focusses on students spending a semester or some time while at university abroad. Moving away from home to live away from your parents, look after yourself, do all the admin and be on your own in a new city is a big step, but taking this step in a foreign country can be even more exciting but also hard. As I’ve moved from Germany to London to study at the University of the Arts, I’d like to share my experiences and encourage others to look into spending some time at uni abroad!       London vs Student Budget      Exploring Europe via Interrail

Flesh Mag is a young innovative magazine challenging stereotypes and standards spread by other media. It focusses on young creatives who are involved in the arts: fashion, photography, film, design..What I love about the concept is the fact that Flesh concentrates on giving young artists a platform to show their work instead of trying to sell products via ads.


Irish Travel Key: What was your Irish Experience?

Gotthetravelbugtoo: My Ultimate Wanderlist, Part 1

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