interrail#5: Golden Sands, Bulgaria

In need of a little break from sightseeing, cultural stuff and big cities? If you enjoy sipping cocktails, partying all night and relaying at the beach, Golden Sands is your place to be! As Golden Sands,or Bulgaria in general, is not considered as the nicest place to spend your holidays at among my friends, we could never convince enough people to go there on a little trip. Instead, we decided to include the famous party destination into our interrail route to check it out ourselves.

We caught a train to Varna and tried to find our way to Golden Sands by asking people on the streets. A bus ride on which we had to buy and extra ticket for our backpacks as they were that big by then and two cab rides which included some very confused and hardly any English speaking cab drivers later, we arrived at the probably shittiest hotel we’ve ever been to. The Varshava hotel was with 15€pP per night the cheapest option we could find online. Luckily, we see our accommodation rather as a storage for our luggage and a place to sleep than a place to spend time at. Luckily, that’s really more than you actually need at Golden Sands, as you probably won’t spend much time sleeping (in your own bed) anyway. Due to its central location we decided to hit some bars straight after we arrived and freshened up using the pipe in the middle of the bathroom which was supposed to be the shower. We really had no idea what to expect, but not even a 2min walk from our hotel we found a a place that sold cocktails-to-go. Not a bad idea to grab some cocktails while getting a rough idea on what we could do and where we could go later that night..we thought. What’s important to know about Golden Sands is that every bar has girls promoting for them standing on the streets. They’re nice, they have amazing deals and you literally can’t get rid of them once you stopped and started talking to them. So not even 100m from our hotel we sat in a bar with 6 tequila sunrises in front of us. You can imagine how that night went.

The great thing about Golden Sands is that you don’t have to figure out where to go when going out. There’s literally nothing but bars, clubs and little pizza stalls for midnight snacks, so you can just start somewhere near your hotel and easily manage your way through all the bars. Another great thing: everything’s super cheap. 3 cocktails for ca 9€? A 2l- cocktail- slushie- bowl for ca 7€? Free sangria vouchers every night? When it comes to drinking and finally being able to afford actual delicious tasting cocktails, there are probably not many places that can keep up with Golden Sands. In the beginning we were a little worried that they’d be really crappy drinks that make you sick, as that’s what we were told, but everything was perfectly fine and we had some of the most memorable (or maybe not so) nights of our trip.

There’s no real need for activities throughout the day as you’ll probably just relax at the beach recovering from the night before. Also, the beach is, unlike we were told, totally fine. It’s not a beach with white sand, crystal clear water with dolphins playing in it, but it’s a perfectly fine and clean beach to spend your day at. The only thing we struggled a bit with is that you can’t really find other food than pizza, kebab and friend corn for some reason, there are no supermarkets to buy your own food and we hardly ever found a free wifi network (not even at our hotel), which was okay but still sort of annoying as we needed to figure some parts of our trip out still.

Overall, I guess Golden Sands isn’t for everyone, it were some exhausting 3 days , but a great change from all the cities we’ve been to before!



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