I started writing this blog as I got asked how I can afford traveling this much so often. People I didn’t even know started messaging me on Facebook and instagram being curious on how I can traveling a lot even though I’m just a student. Some were honestly curious, some sounded sort of admiring and some even blamed me of exploiting my parents and being a horrible daughter. Some of them were strangers, some of them were people I call my friends.

I startet off with The Reality of Traveling, trying to explain that traveling doesn’t equal expensive. The pictures we see on social media only show a tiny little part of what traveling is really like. Yes, there might be those bloggers, models, it-girls etc that really live that “wake up, spa treatment, breakfast in bed, personal driver to a photoshoot at the beach, catch a first class flight to the next island” lifestyle, but most people that travel don’t. As this seems still hard to believe for some people, I decided to use all the footage I’ve filmed over the past years to turn them into a video, that shows what’s going on “behind the scenes”.

Maybe now you’ll understand. Enjoy






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